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6.5hp Push Commercial Duty Vacuum - 29"


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6.5hp Push Commercial Duty Vacuum - 29"

Step up to the heavy-duty cleanup power of the lawn and litter vacuum. Designed for both hard surfaces and turf, the Billy Goat Push Vacuum is deal for larger properties, commercial lots, leaf cleanup, rental, parks, city streets, school districts or municipal festival cleanup. From cans and bottles to grass clippings, litter and other debris, this machine gobbles it up like a starved hollow-horned mammal!


  • Awesome Suction Power - Picks up 90% of leaves in a single pass
  • 29" Adjustable Intake Door - Opens large enough to inhale leaves 5 inches deep and closes down to vacuum dense heavy debris on hard surfaces
  • 40 Gallon Zipper-less bag - Easy/In Easy/Out design and large enough to accommodate up to 50lbs of leaves
  • Unique Top Fill Design-Keeps dust out of operator s face and ensures optimum filling
  • Disposable Liners - Handle debris once and then drop curhside
  • Rugged low weight
  • Composite housing & hood
  • 6 blade impeller
  • No. of height adjustments: Micro-adjustable


Model 187cc Honda GSV 190
CFM 1712
Clearing rate 26,4ft² hr@2mph
Bag Volume 151 ltr (40gal)
Bag Mesh Turf, top fill
Self-Propelled No
Length 65.5" (166cm)
Width 29" (74cm)
Height 47.5" (120cm)
Weight 162 lbs (73kg)


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6.5hp Push Commercial Duty Vacuum - 29"

6.5hp Push Commercial Duty Vacuum - 29"